SCOM 2007 R2

One or more management servers do not get new updates from the RMS.

Posted by rob1974 on December 22, 2009

We’ve had a few issues where the management servers had events 21024 (requesting new updates) regularly, but never had received a new update. This management still was functional with the old configuration. This happened when we installed a new management pack, approved an agent or set an override. But it did not happen every time, which makes finding the problem very hard. However, most likely it will have something to do with file locking of the .edb files. We made sure our antivirus wasn’t scanning these files. This seemed to help a bit, but it does still happen every now and then.

To solve this issue we had to go and remove the configuration for this management group on the RMS and restart the healthservice.

Stop health service

rename the health service state (..\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Health Service State)

Start health service

Because the management servers keep on serving their agents, it’s difficult to determine whether the management server has an issue. We used to stumble upon this issue (e.g. we couldn’t move an agent to a management server or we kept getting alerts from a rule which we had disabled), but we really wanted to know this as soon as this happened.

We compared the modification dates of the opsmgrconnector.config.xml (in ..\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Health Service State\Connector Configuration Cache\<management group>\) files and found that the RMS differed quite a bit from the management servers, but the management servers all had more or less the same date.

We found the modify dates between the management servers and the root management server were always under 24 hours (looks like a forced configuration update once a day, although it might just be some discovery or our set agent proxy script). The management servers’ configuration xml were always within 1 minute of each other.

We’ve created and scheduled a script on an agent managed machine to check the differences between the config files every hour. When the threshold has been passed the script generates an event to the application log. The thresholds are shown in the table below.

  informational warning critical
Diff MS-RMS >24 hours >36 hours >48 hours
Diff MS-MS >1 minute >2 minutes >5 minutes


We’ve chosen to let these events be picked up by SCOM as the management servers are still accepting alerts even when they don’t have a configuration update recently. Just make sure the initial rules are distributed to the agent.

When you experiencing the same issue please vote for the bug report on the connect site as well.


2 Responses to “One or more management servers do not get new updates from the RMS.”

  1. Fred said


    Are you still seeing this issue in your environment? I have been able to reproduce it at least 2 times in my environment. I am running SCOM 2007 R2. It appeared to get better after making sure that Symantec wasn’t scanning the “Systems Center Operations Manager 2007” Folder, but it still happens after about 5 days now. Your workaround on renaming the “Health Service State” Folder works for me, but I am looking for a fix before this environment officially goes live.


    • MarcKlaver said

      Since we installed our script to track the differences between the configuration files (and excluding the anti-virus software), it only happened once. But we do still see time differences between the configuration files regularly, but never more then 24 hours (with the one exception mentioned).

      And if you experience this problem every 5 days (exactly?) I would search for a (anti-virus?) job which runs every 5 days.

      Marc Klaver

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